Business and Personal Life Coach. Pastor. Husband to an amazing woman and father to the coolest kid ever. 

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Are you a Good Leader or a Great Leader?

Are you a Good Leader or a Great Leader?

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Goals without a plan are dreams that can quickly turn into nightmares. It's time to Gain Clarity and Awareness. Discover those feelings, mental blocks, and inner beliefs that are holding you back. 

You are AMAZING and it's time you started living like it!! Through one on one coaching, I can help you get there. Let me help.


Have you ever had a thought that you wanted to put action behind or maybe a particular hurdle you just can't seem to get over? Every leader needs a coach and whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business executive, I can help you discover what's limiting your success and then put a plan in place to knock down those barriers. 

Don't let stress, fear, emotions, or negative behavior hold you back. Contact me today to start your transformation journey. 

Implementation Planning


Is your team experiencing some limitations? Are your leaders leading? Is productivity down? How about morale? Is it the office environment? Is it the work hours? Is it the culture?


Or maybe you're searching for the right strategy or training. Maybe your team just needs to be motivated. Whether you are looking for someone to come in and facilitate a workshop, train your leaders, or be a speaker for your next event, I can help.







Employee Relations



Organizational Development


I can help you reach new heights and create a Business and Life that you Love.  

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Nice things people say...
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"Jason remained a consistent source of wisdom and encouragement to every staff member and me personally...... During the best of times and the most difficult, he showcased his superb wisdom and leadership qualities to take us to new heights and keep us on track with our mission and vision." 

Jeff Struecker

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“I highly recommend Jason Rogers to any organization since he has a wide-range of skills and expertise. I found him to be beyond reproach in his ethics while still giving time to hear the voices of those individuals approaching him.... ”

Doug Sims - Manager, Public Sector Solutions

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"I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jason. He is a very gifted relational leader. When times are difficult is when Jason's leadership shines. I would highly recommend him..., in the future and would enjoy working with Jason in any organization that I am a part of.”

Sutton Turner - Executive Pastor and General Manager

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